Love Your Life Challenge

Empower your journey to self-love and transformation with our 14-Day Love Your Life Challenge, where you'll shift from wishing for it all to confidently creating everything you desire.

Loving your life is all about making a decision to go all in every day.

To embrace the role of being the main character.

To decide that even if you don't feel like the main character right now, you are in control of changing that…

Join me for a 14 day Love your life challenge!

This challenge is going to take you from the woman who wishes she could have it all to the woman who confidently creates whatever she wants!

I'm going to walk you through the same energetic shifts that took me from overwhelmed, overweight, underloved, and underpaid to creating my dream life, dream body, dream business....

14th of February - 28th of February

Just for $14

There will be 2 calls for the challenge.

Potent mediations at both!

Love Your Life Challenge with Shilamida